Fashion Marketplace Redefining Free Online Shopping Experience

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Wearing the same dress twice is considered a social no-no for a teen, but buying new items can be a strain on a family’s budget. This new website is revolutionizing the way clothing is re-purposed in a smart and affordable way for free.

Co-Founder Tina Guiomar found a solution with her web savvy experience and fashion background to help launch Your Friend’s Closet along with her sister Chris Katz and brother in law Todd Katz, business owner of Siperstein’s Paints. Your Friend’s Closet is an online marketplace for the free exchange of fashion and accessories, like a Clothing Swap Party with a few clicks. Customers enjoy using the swap system for dresses, accessories, shoes, outerwear, activewear earning Closet Credits while browsing and selecting items from virtual closets. There is something to suit everyone’s style and size at


The inception of Your Friend’s Closet happened when Todd, co-founder and father, realized that his 4 daughters were buying new dresses for every upcoming social event including Bat Mitzvahs, Sweet 16 parties, weddings, etc. and spending a fortune on red carpet-worthy items including shoes, purses and accessories. The girls were all seeing the same friends again at different events, so Todd suggested to one of his daughters to ask a friend from out of town to swap a dress. Et Voila! The start of something big happened. One of his daughter’s out of town friends visited their home, brought over several dresses from her closet and they exchanged right away. The idea caught on quickly and now there are many closets to select and give fashion a new life.

Your Friend’s Closet is also fiscally responsible and has saved families thousands of dollars since the website launched. As parents, Chris and Todd Katz want to pay it forward to other families and urge them to use the website not just for their teens, but it’s great for the moms. too. Your Friend’s Closet is also a great solution for College campuses while students have an active social life, as well as a limited budget, but want to look great.
All ages can use Your Friend’s Closet. It’s free and simple:

  1. Sign up to Your Friend’s Closet, post items, boxes will then be sent to your home ready to swap with Friends.
  2. Find an item that you like, checkout by using your Closet Credits for your desired item.
  3. The only cost is shipping & handling and the item is on it’s way.

Watch this video to see How Your Friend’s Closet Works.

As one of the founders of the company I have a closet personal tie to the growth of the website but I honestly believe that this is such a great place to make and meet new friends, revive vintage and pre-used fashion and just get free clothing delivered to your doorstep…it’s like getting a Christmas present!


I have acquired some fashionable pieces from the site already and there are some that Your Friend’s Closet is featuring that I would love to keep but far be it from me to hoard all the unique pieces to myself.




Window shop the site, sign up as a Friend and tell me what you think. Let me know what you honestly think of the site and give me feedback as to what might be missing from the Your Friend’s Closet that you’d like to see.

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