Gifts For The Tech Savvy


For those that are part of the elite group called the techies, geeksters or gadget obsessed, this gift guide is perfect search for their gifts. The latest in accessories, tech toys, Apple products and even fashion accessories for the tech products.

Since these gifts are not so self explanitory I will give you a little snippet about what they are and what they do.


Dive Bar Tourmalated Quartz Smart Ring, $260 Ringly

This fashionable ring connects to your phone and sends you customized notifications through vibrations and lights. It comes in five colors: black, pink, grey-white, forest green and a limited edition smoky grey. You download the app that works with both iOS and Android. You customize four vibration patterns and five colors to signify different alerts.


Jawbone UP3 Fitness Tracker, $179.99 Jawbone

Fitness trackers are definitely trending these days and the Jawbone UP3 is one that is both unassuming on the wrist and contains the most advanced and detailed picture of your health. It tracks your activity (exercise, calories burned, etc), sleep, coaches and checks your heart health. And the best part is that is looks like a cool black bracelet…goes with everything.


Mighty Purse Sport Luxe in Black, $99.99 Handbag-butler

The Mighty Purse by Handbag Butler is both fashionable and functional.  You can use it alone as a clutch purse or inside your handbag.  The purse contains a light weight battery that can fully re-charge your smart phone.  The Sport Luxe collection is my favorite gift  buy because you can carry it as a cross-body and it’s quilted like a chic Chanel bag.


Apple Milanese 38mm Watch in Stainless Steel, starting at $349 Apple

The watch gives you quick real-time views of the latest information you check often i.e. the weather, stock quotes, calendar events and more. It notifies and alerts you of revelent information and schedule.


3-D Printing Pen, $99.95 Hammacher

3-D printing is a recent innovation.  The pen releases a warm thermoplastic that hardens within seconds, allowing you to create three-dimensional freehand drawings. This is a great gift for creative adults and genius kids.


Google Chromecast Streaming Media Player, $35 Best Buy

This little gadget streams your favorite show straight to your TV from either your iPhone, tablet or computer.


Touchscreen Gloves Natural Gray, $25.33 Mujjo

Touchscreen gloves are the perfect gift for the social butterfly who cannot be without her digital world even during the frigid weather.  The Mujjo gloves differ from others because you can use all your digits instead of just the index finger.  And it comes in five colors that will go perfect with any outfit.


What tech gadget are you obsessing over this year?