Liquido Yoga Gear + I Wear Collection



I had the delightful opportunity to test out the I Wear collection from Liquido recently.

I am an avid yoga practitioner of hot yoga.  If you are unaware of hot yoga, or Bikram yoga to some, is takes traditional yoga (hatha or vinyasa) in a heated studio of 110 degrees (yikes! I know but its dry heat). It has done wonders for my skin, attitude, body and wellness over all. And I definitely have push my boundaries of flexibility.

Bupantst enough about hot yoga let’s get to the Liquido collection. Liquido activewear is perfect for any yoga practice but especially hot when you are sweating. The pants are breathable, super light and did bother me at all to wear. It’s as if you are wearing nothing but thank god you are.



I was a little skeptical of the idea of wearing long pants to a hot yoga but a lot of other students in my class wear long yoga pants so when the opportunity came to try Liquido I was totally up for it. Ok…so they are so much better than wearing hot yoga shorts. As I mentioned the yoga pants were very light and breathable and since I wasn’t all slippery ( I know…gross) from sweat I was able to do push myself into trying advanced yoga poses in class. My eagle and tree pose was so much better since trying these pants.


Beside the pants are the coolest inspiring tank tops that you can wear to class or like me I tend to put the tank top on after class and just wear a sports bra in class. The I Wear collection was designed by Liquido to inspire. With inspiring hastag-able saying.  This collection aims to flaunt inspired and energized women around the world who are proud of who they are and their unique qualities. I chose the “I Wear…Adventure” tank because anyone who knows me and reads this blog enough knows that I am Miss Adventure. But they also have “Strength” “Kindness” “Gratitude” “Light” “Grace” and “Love.” Wearing the tank and just looking at it everyday in class or on the way to class definitely reminded be to always be myself and push myself to new “adventures” in class. Which I think any yogi can appreciate.




I had the opportunity to discuss the company, Liquido, with the owner, and also avid yogi, Renata Facchini. We touched on petite styles, charities and the company itself.  She also gave a health and beauty tip below that I agree is crucial to looking your best.



Q&A with Renata

1.    How do the pants stand up to hot yoga classes?

They are prefect; they were designed to be flawless for both yoga and hot yoga. As a hot yoga teacher, I wanted clothing to practice in that was light, breathable and comfortable, which is what inspired me to go into this business. I wanted to be able to provide women with products that provide comfort while showing strength and confidence.

2.    Is any of the material used in the leggings from recyclable material?

No. We don’t believe the recyclable materials are the highest quality possible. That’s why we choose not to use them. Also, I believe the positive impact they cause in being recycled is not significant.

3.    Does the material dry quickly and is it very breathable?

Yes, they dry within minutes and allow you to sweat and breath through the pants.

4.    Does the company partake in any charities, especially locally in Brazil?

We always put campaigns together to participate in charities. For example, we recently partnered with the African Yoga Project. Check out the link for more about this charity. We are also looking into working on a project with the Australian aborigines. The factory in Brazil fosters a diverse workforce, and has instated a Handicap Employee Program, where those with disabilities are provided with job opportunities.

5.    Where in Brazil are the products manufactured?

In Sao Paulo

6.    Where do they get the material?

Everything is sourced, designed, and manufactured in Brazil.

7.    Did your family go into this business initially because of their love for yoga and other active sports or because of their love for fashion?

I think it was a combination of passions – my love for yoga, conducting a conscious business, and the delight of colors and styles in fashion.

8.    How do the fashion work, size wise, to petite women? And has the company ever thought about making a petite collection? I have yet to see a fitness wear company produce gear that caters to petite women, other than buying capri pants. Just curious.

Our fabric is super stretchy, so they fit perfectly on petite as well as non-petite women. We make sure that we provide the best fit and comfort for most body types.

9.     I would love to hear more of the background story behind the creation of the brand and how the company is contributing to the local community of women in Brazil (if they do).

The brand already existed in Brazil, and from there we adapted the brand to our vision for yoga and fitness and how we could empower women to be bold, confident, and beautiful.

10.  It would be great to hear some health, fitness and beauty tips from Renata if she has any that would be beneficial to the well being the active yoga body and any great Brazilian beauty tips she may have?

I think coming into a routine is essential for fitness and for feeling and looking your best. Lately I’ve incorporated a set bedtime into my routine — going to sleep before 10:30pm enables me to have a really good night’s sleep. This benefits the whole mind and body and helps you to feel refreshed and recharged to tackle the next day!




Would love to hear anyone’s thoughts on yoga? If you have ever tried Liquido yoga pants? What do you think of the Liquido activewear? Let me know.